XXXI Ottawa to Lower Henry Island

Tuesday September 16, 2014

We got up early to get to get to Starved Rock Lock and hope to pass early. When we called the lockmaster he said he would fit us in between two single northbound Tows… As we were leaving the dock one of the Loopers (Shipperly) we met along the way were passing by. Just as we left the dock we disturbed a flock of the dreaded Asian Carp who jumped and thrashed crazily beside the boat. None jumped into the boat.

We made the short hop down to the lock and had a short wait…yes a short wait, this was our quickest cycle through a lock on this trip. They were very friendly and helpful. The river below the lock is quite narrow and meeting Tows is a little hairy. As the day wore on the river widened some and is more like I expected the rivers to be. The river water appears like chocolate syrup with a smattering of the world’s plastics, paper and junk.

We anchored behind a little island again. This time there was more water and more room to swing. However with the current running at 1 to 1.5 kts the boat stays put unless the wind blows big opposite. It was a very quiet night.

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