XXV Jeni tries to go home

Wednesday September 10, 2014

Jennifer was only here for a couple of days and today is the day we have to get her back to Midway airport for her Porter flight home. Porter’s reputation with us is slipping as she is traveling on vouchers from a few cancellations we have had in the last few months. In our case Porter has been cancelling due to equipment problems, at least that’s what they tell us. They offer six flights daily from Chicago so hopefully everything will go well.

I will work on my temporary mast. I have created a PVC sculpture worthy of this Art Institute of Chicago. I wanted to use schedule 80 pipe but the fittings were not readily available.

Well, we took Jennifer to the airport for her 16:55 flight, went to do some final shopping as the rental car has to go back to the barn. We were preparing supper when Jennifer calls and says that her flight has been cancelled by Porter and she can’t get on another flight til 06:30 tomorrow morning. I can do the math, that means I have to get up at oh…03:00 to get them up to the airport on time to meet her plane and satisfy my OCD related to flying…JEEZUZ. They tell her it is equipment issues and it is out of their control. More vouchers. Back into the rental another $4 bucks each way for toll roads. I want a box of cookies from Porter delivered to FRACAS by another airline.


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