What about Norman?

Friday June 2nd, 2017

When you live in a house with an almost 2 year old you spend time watching toddler movies. My favourite is Moana, might be the best of the Disney movies. At first the name Moana might mislead you and you might think it a porn movie. Far from it. Hei Hei the chicken (rooster)  is the side kick. How can you go wrong with a chicken.  Also it does have an environmental theme, sailing and the ocean.

A villager ponders “I’m curious about that chicken, eating the rock. I mean, he seems to lack the basic intelligence required for pretty much… everything.”

It could be that I had a chicken like Hei Hei. I think we went off to a hockey tournament (our family, not the chicken) or a figure skating thing and when we returned the power to the chicken coup (yes we had chickens) had been cut off. They were extremely cold and I didn’t think they would make it. I turned the heat, light and radio back on and in the morning they were operating normally. There was one exception, she was my Hei Hei. “missing the simplest brain function for about most anything”.

I do have an issue with cartoon animals and who chooses what species are able to speak English. In Moana, only Tamatoa the crab is able to speak. Who knew crabs could be so vain?

Norman…Hamster? Guinea Pig?

And then, the Secret Life of Pets. All the animals can speak in this epic. I don’t like unresolved plot issues. Maybe I missed it, but is Norman still wandering the walls, drains and passages looking for his family?

Lately we are in to Paw Patrol. Puppies that seem to be crossed with Inspector Gadget save the day, over and over. It is a bit sappy and predictable. But H loves it and Ozy gets into things when the suspense is unbearable. Only the dogs can speak in this… ‘superhero’ show. The mayors chicken (Chickaletta) doesn’t speak, a travesty. Ryder is the human 10 year old computer genius who leads the pack of puppies.

I have to get out more…




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