Visit to Fracas

Yesterday I managed to dig out enough snow and ice to get the door to the boat shed opened at the Marina. Through our membership in the America’s Great Loop Cruiser’s Association we managed to join a small group putting together an option to truck our masts from Chicago to Mobile Alabama. I had to get in to make sure that the mast was not too long for this option to work. I discovered that the main mast is 55’4″ just within the 55’10” in our quote. If we do not come up with a mast proposal that we can afford we will have to carry the masts on the deck or on frames and it will make the cross country trip much less enjoyable. We would have 8 feet of mast sticking out from each end of the boat.

Everyone asks what do you do all day when you are at sea…I found the perfect, succinct, technical and educational YouTube video to explain it…he is obviously a well ‘seasoned’ sailor…JEEZUZ/TABERNAK



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