Thursday November 28

Thursday was our day to move. Everything had been going so well. Why would that change. We dropped the ball at Leverick and headed around the corner into gun creek to get a line for hoisting the main, just in case anything unexpected happened.
The wind was up so we tied up the first reef at the leech and thought we had it hooked at the luff. We hoisted and the halyard was around the lazy jacks. No problem, just fix and try again.
We hoisted again and the luff was at the second reef. Ok, easy fix drop the main readjust and up again.
Ok main up and we can sail it although the tack was not quite right we could do it. We have reefing hooks but no straps.
Next Genoa out and we are sailing. We were reefer about five percent on the genoa. She sailed like a dream. We sailed reefed doing 7 and 8s on a beam reach for about an hour. She was screaming along. Little did we know it was time for the third little gremlin to appear. The knot in the main sheet at the clue came untied. In all my years of sailing this has never happened to a sheet knot I have tied. That made for an interesting moment.
We furled in the genoa to plan our next move and started the engine. You keep trying to get ahead of me, STOP IT. a squall was approaching from the beam and it looked like the rain would miss us. We would however get the wind gusts associated with these little squalls. I had the wheel under reefed main and rick went below to change fuel tanks. Oh I missed a part. Just when I had us nicely set up for the 25 to 28’s we were getting the engine simply stopped.
Rick went below and switched to the other tank and bled the system got a little air. Engines start and all is good.
The channel in to Anegada is narrow and tricky with coral heads and in gusty winds no problem with a reliable engine. We considered going around the corner to a marked anchorage and make repairs but Anegada harbour was right there…so new plan with contingencies, but the ford Lehman never missed a beat until we shut her down at about 2 pm Thursday.
We anchored in our usual spot and were a little close to a boat, so we dropped a second hook to steady us and move us off the other boat. She rode like a dream and the other boat got away without incident.
If any other issues have occurred we have not discovered them yet.
Dinner was, wait for it, PORK TENDERLOIN. it was good. Then we resumed the cribbage. I won one game rick won two. I got a 24 hand and rick screamed at me a lot. So now we are three games to three, big night tonight.
The tv series we are watching is Copper, and so far we have done 4 episodes.
Rick has a nightcap of his rum and water, just a short hit. Everything seemed as normal until his spit and coughed and yelled. Apparently the vinegar jug was confused for the water jug. Never a dull moment.
Tomorrow we explore the fuel issue. I hope to find an empty tank. That is the easiest fix. But we will deal with whatever we find and get her reliable status renewed.

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