Thursday November 14

I still have to do the story of the passage from Hampton to Eleuthera. I think it will have to wait until I get to Freeport on Friday night and have a couple of days to work on it properly.

This morning is mostly sunny, the wind howled all night 20 to 25. This morning though it is 15 and has clocked around to almost east. It is to moderate some as the day goes on. We are still waiting for a hot nice day. I may have to wait for the BVI for that.

I have been sleeping in the cockpit as the quarter berth is quite hot. I nicknamed it the culvert and the name seems to have stuck.

Today is packing day and I don’t look forward to that. I had to use those large vacuum bags to compress my foulies and winter stuff to fit. I’m sure glad I  brought it for the first couple of days though.

Man O War Cay looking North

Today I have to do some of the repairs on my list for the boat. We have to put in two new battens and repair the flaps (lost somewhere along the way). There is a sail loft here operated by a couple of nice guys. We bought the new battens and have to sew the flaps as the velcro has gotten extremely tired.

I am going to try to repair the water pump, although I think it is pouched.

There are a couple of other things but I grow weary and need my first cup of coffee. l8tr



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