Thursday afternoon

We found a new grocery store and it has the Caribbean coffee I like. Rick is still pissed over the Starbucks coffee that was 14 bucks. This stuff was only 8 and the grocery store is a local one and the prices seem to reflect that. They also have a good selection of frozen meat and fish.

I also picked up my own BVI cell phone. It has unlimited calls and texting until my $50 runs out…at least thats what the Digicel guy said. The phone itself cost 29 bucks. I have been an Iphone guy forever and this is the old number pad to text thing…don’t expect long text messages. I tried it in the store trying to get SIRI to help and they all laughed at me. Apparently Siri doesn’t work for 29 bucks.

I have to take my iphone over to a place where regular wireless works to get the pictures in my dropbox. Pictures will follow at some time.

Today we have moved the beginning of cocktails to 5pm. I can’t for the life of me remember why though. But Rick is Captain. We have made it through day two of this crazy fitness thing we are doing. Walking with no destination before breakfast.

The boat is up against the fence between us and the Scotia Bank. Rick decided to try the anchor and the windlass. Tomorrow we will repair the fence. The windlass worked fine and lifted about 40 feet or 13 meters of fence including the barb wire. The security guys are sure it is a robbery attempt, I tried to point out that a sailboat on stands was hardly an effective get away vehicle…Hopefully Rick is out of jail by dinner

I will amend this later this evening if the internet hangs in…



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