Three sleeps

Sunday December 11th, 2016

All real sailors have at least one Tattoo. I have scars but only a few that relate to my time on the water or at sea. I think I know what I want to have done but I’m not sure where to put it. The decision about where will come after extensive googlizing about where it hurts most and subsequently least. I will also have to build in some Michelangelo perspective and planning to allow for the image to remain recognizable when the process of geezer sagging manifests. I have been keeping an eye on the place across the street watching the clients to see if this is a contender. I’m willing to get drunk enough to have it done, just concerned that my order might change when in this state…

I also need a haircut. But ever since the haircut I received in Georgetown (at the suggestion of DD from Bliss II)  at Original Lines last February – click here to read that I’m a little barber shy. I think I will wait until I get home and try to get Danielle to cut my hair.

I have started to watch the weather up North. One, because I want to see if our flight home will be affected. Two, will Toronto be crippled by snow again and will the army be shovelling them out? Looks like the Army will be at Snowcon 2. Six inches of snow today and overnight will bring Toronto to a standstill and nothing the horse faced woman or tolls can do to help them out of this. I just hope that they are back to normal by Wednesday when we fly into Toronto.

We heard from Mangos yesterday and they are on the polar express heading out to Oregon to have their family Christmas. Luckily Sam is a policeman so they should be able to leave Oregon after. Following that they will return to Last Mango and we will get this party started in January, We still have no clue where we are going but we are going to move. We might have a new secret crew member on board, we have to wait and see. Not the Christmas lady.

We wanted to go to the second of the annual Christmas boat light parades last night. The wind and the rain did not cooperate. The wind continued to blow 20 gusting 25 and the rain was in showers but they were heavy showers. This morning there is a lull in the wind but it is temporary and will pipe up again when the sun comes up. This should be the last day of the cold front effect with some warming and easing of the winds for tomorrow. We wanted to go to the concert in the park again today but the rain looks like it will intervene.

Our schedule for the next few days; Today we begin to prepare FRACAS for abandonment. We just have to close a few valves seal her up tie this and that and we are ready to go. The rest is up to the solar panels and FRACAS. We are renting a car here on Tuesday and will drop the car in Orlando when we fly out on Wednesday.  I will stop at Tim’s place and order two more batteries (the gamble to try to save two of the four failed).

I noticed last night that Michel has returned from Levis, not sure if he brought his wife back as planned.

This never ceases to make me giggle. The CBC report about Toronto…


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