“The scrutinizing of FRACAS”(Fracas gets hammered)

Most real writers start off with something classic about the weather. “It was a dark and stormy night.” “The persistent rain migrated through my shoes, socks and soul”. You get the idea.

Ok, picture me cracking my knuckles and preparing for the weather opening line. Ready…

It was friggin’ hot. My boxer shorts had transformed to something otherworldly. Sweat running down my face, behind my glasses. I had to move stuff from the boat to the rental Nissan. I had to move stuff from one area of Fracas to another so the surveyor had a place to work. A survey/surveyor? Why do they call it that. He’s a boat inspector.

NOUN a general view, examination, or description of someone or something.”the author provides a survey of the relevant literature”synonyms: study · consideration · review · overview · scrutiny · scrutinization · [more]an act of surveying an area of land.”the flight involved a detailed aerial survey of military bases”

Today I had the boat ‘scrutinizer’ on board. Tomorrow the scrutineer will give me his scrutinization report. I like that much better. It’s actually more like an autopsy, to determine not so much how it died but is it dead?

Boat Scrutinizer?

The most maddening part is the hammering. I was sitting below decks while he tapped, tapped and friggin’ tapped. I could barely keep from hitting back from down below. I had the hammer in hand ready. The sound was like a Balsa Core woodpecker… it was, friggin’ hot.

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