Sunday December’s 10th, twenty seventeen

The weather yesterday morning was certainly full of rain. The wind stayed under 20 kts for the most part. There were isolated squalls on the treasure coast but with no significant wind. Lightning was here and there but nothing near us. Once the weather settled the heat and humidity were gone. When I say the heat was gone, I mean the heat was gone. The temp in a half hour dropped to 58 f.

We jumped in our car (which we now call the storage unit) and headed up North to pick up the Mangos. The trip to Viera took about an hour and half. What we had not considered was the stuff Mangos would have with them. Stuff space in our Equinox is limited. When we had all the stuff and crew packed in driving became a team sport. “Your side good John”? “What”? You get the idea. We could hear ML and K in the back but I couldn’t see them or anything for that matter.

When we arrived back at the boat it was high tide and a little bit more than typical high. Hoisting everyone aboard was a bit of a challenge. We headed out for dinner at Shuckers to celebrate John’s birthday. No cake… You can’t’ be sure what the Mangos will eat or not eat. I think John’s on the breatharian diet, air is good? We didn’t sing and the restaurant didn’t have the typically embarrassing song and dance bit.

We walked back to the boat. I’d like to say it was warmer but it wasn’t. I was glad to get back aboard. K had generously brought us our own set of Dominoes so we tried them out. Karen said “Greg these are yours, you can make the rules”. Greg making the rules lasted until the first game started. From that point forward Karen made the rules and won the game. Dominoes…

This morning, we have the heater going and the coffee steaming. We are out of Peet’s coffee and are using Starbucks ‘Pikes Perk’ or some such marketing genius’ name. Reasonable coffee. I give it *** out of *****.  I am looking forward to getting home and some Kick Ass coffee. Kicking Horse coffee is over priced but pretty good stuff.

ML gave me a new fishing pole and reel. Mike has made a recommendation for how and what line to put on the pole. 50lb line and a 50lb fluorocarbon leader. The folks at the fishing stores all have their own opinions of what I need. The annoying sales people are part of the reason we are all shopping on Amazon. That’s where I’m getting my stuff… but no USPS shipping.

It’s time to end this for the day. We are talking about diets and beans. more later

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