Read the fine print?

Monday January 24th, 2017

Last night ML asked me to check the temperature in the oven. I opened up the oven door that has a nasty habit of snapping shut, “just under 200” I reported. “What” she asked “we must be out of propane. I checked there was still fire. “Let’s give it 15 minutes” ML suggested. Ok I opined  and continued to mix my libation, while wondering what happened to the oven.

Then out of the blue she ‘suggests’ “were you reading Fahrenheit or Celsius”?  Oh, oh… I looked more closely, I was in fact reading the wrong scale, damn. “It’s warmed up now” I gleefully reported, suggesting that the issue with the oven had resolved itself. She couldn’t leave it alone… “you read C°s didn’t you”? “Maybe” I offered.

The oven thermometer is indeed big print Celsius and fine print Fahrenheit. What if Trump finds out? I will be hunted down by the Department of Homeland Thermometers… I will have to ride my circus bike to my new favourite favorite store ‘Ace Hardware’ and get a ‘Made in America’ oven thermometer in F°. On the other hand, dinner did turn out great and I checked the pork with my food thermometer that has big numbers in F°.

The wind has died almost completely. It did continue yesterday 20+ gusting to 30kts. It was a rough day trying to travel in the dinghy. It can get quite choppy for dinghy travel. The Mangos were over for dinner.

Yesterday John and I were out looking for boat bits travelling in his Pope Prius mobile. It was a fairly simple trip; Chapman’s marine, Walmart, West marine, and AutoZone. I needed to get some primary fuel filters for FRACAS. The sales clerk was a nice enough guy but he had a lot of tattoos on his hands. Letters on his fingers. Prison tats!! Rationally, I immediately jumped to escaped murderer or paroled murderer or just plain murderer. I was trying to tell him what I wanted and multi-task trying to read his fingers. Then he started drumming his fingers… Tabernac! I ordered my filters and they will be there this morning.

When we left the store I told John about the tattoos on his hands. John said “I didn’t see any tattoos I just thought he looked like a modern day ‘Three stooges Curly’. OMG in my horror at his potential criminal past I missed that he resembled one of the greatest stars ever. Now I’m talking about ‘Curly’ not Shemp. Both Curly and Shemp were Moe’s real life brothers along with Larry Fine. I have to go back to the AutoZone to pick up the filters today. I think I will wear my Sou’wester dark glasses and strap my action cam on my head so he won’t notice me. I might share this encounter tomorrow.

In all the excitement John says “how do we get out of this parking lot… ok lets go over here”. Over here turned out to be a one way entrance ‘IN’ to the parking lot. We didn’t hit anyone but the lady who was trying to enter the parking lot will have stretch marks on her eyes… they were very big when we passed her. John gave her a little wave and mouthed ‘Illinois’ and pointed to his Illinois license plates.

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