Raw Water Strainer… Bronze sculpture?

November’s 25th, twenty seventeen, 07:04

I had intended to complete three or four items from ‘the list’. Instead, I spent the day on one  single item. I think when they built Whitbys they put a raw water strainer in the middle of the room and build the rest of the boat around it. The existing strainer is not available on this planet. Therefore, until we get our replicator repaired I had to find something that would work and then make it work. Keep in mind that the hose required 1 3/4″ I.D. is not able to bend on a very short radius.

Fracas like most Whitby’s has a sea chest to distribute the raw water on the boat. The engine and the heads draw water from this sea chest. The main inlet is fixed in exactly the right position for the old raw water strainer and not so great for the new replacement.

After driving around Florida (for several hours) gathering up the bronze fittings to relocate the strainer, the job was done. I was concerned that the floor board might not cooperate with the new intruder… Sure enough, the floor board was up about 1/4″ or 7mm for the Canadians.  The new strainer was where it was going to stay… so I had to get my fine Fein tool out and sculpt a bit out of the floor board. Almost before you can say “Where are the bandaids” the floor was sitting down where it belongs and the job is done.

Today, I have to change all the sacrificial anodes or zincs. In Fracas case I use Aluminum over Zinc. If I say I’m going to replace the aluminums they have no clue. We spend some time in brackish water so we choose an appropriate paint and anodes for that. Fracas has one on the shaft, one on the hull and one each in the three heat exchangers. What could go wrong? more later

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