Wednesday January’s 3rd, twenty eighteen

Yesterday was provisioning day one. Two things get me going (there are more) people in those motorized conveyances in Walmart and Special Needs parking. I understand the need but I get pissed when they are abused. I watch people walk up healthy and jump on these devices and devolve into invalids as they cruise the store, just sayin’. The parking, great but when other members of the family use and/or abuse the parking permit… especially when I’m circling the parking lot looking for a spot that doesn’t require a packed lunch and two beer for the walk to the store.

I did some Greg shopping while at Walmart. I am determined to catch a Dorado ((Mahi Mahi) Coryphaena hippurus )this season. I think I finally have everything I need; appropriate rod and reel, line, leader, gaff and a lure that looks like an earring from Jarvis and Gerrard  in Toronto. I kept the lure under wraps on the way to the boat in fear that fish would leap up and abuse the new device.

Lately I have gotten over my phobia about self check outs. I still have street cars to deal with… It was busy in the self check area at Walmart. They were obviously having issues with one machine and a person not dressed in typical Walmart uniform signaled for me to advance. Everything went smoothly until it didn’t. All this time the creepy IT guy was lurking over my shoulder. I asked him “are you a fisherman”? No response just a blank nerd  faraway gaze. Like a deer in the headlights look with one headlight out. It came time to complete the transaction… he said “I thought that might happen”. What he thought might happen was in fact nothing.

No matter what I did and then what he did would allow me to pay. He had to call someone with a password to get deeper into this issue. Along came a Walmart employee wearing the blue cape who bleated “I can fix this, it’s just out of sync”. The IT guy said “No, it’s got bigger problems than that”. I offered “have you tried turning it off and on”? They both looked strangely at me, having continued to forget that I was even there.

Then I snapped. It was not a typical Irish explosion but a more dangerous quiet surgical attack. They received the shortest customer service course I’ve ever done. At the end of their… lesson they had the expression I remember from Shrek one as illustrated, hopefully without the flotsam and spitsome. Walmart lady said in a tone similar to the Church Lady (from SNL) “Let’s transfer your transaction over to another terminal then”.

Spent, I shuffled over to the guy at the special terminal. He was dressed in Walmart livery as well, only yellow. He said “Wow, you gave it to them”. I replied “Pay attention to your work”. I don’t think I swore during my diatribe. I’m sensitive to the fact that religion and politics are to be avoided while visiting here, even in invective.

We did food provisions to get things in the freezer and to be sure they are frozen before we leave the luxury of shore power. We did Aldi, we did Walmart, we did BOW, we did We$t Marine, we did Home Depot, and we did Stein Mart. The car was already full and was packed when we came home. It was a gray, blustery,  wet and snotty sort of a day. The snot flowed freely when we arrived back at the boat and found a parking spot furthest from the entrance to the docks. The only cart I could find was ‘Ole Palsy’. Her wheels have an out of control kind of wobble that gets much worse when she’s loaded up.

This is day two of provisioning. Fluids! I am in charge of this particular inventory. Oils, paints, beer, wine and rum. We have to fill up the remaining nooks and crannies with all the things either not available  or outrageously expensive in the Bahamas. We also have to go to the used boat part store up in Fort Pierce. ML is going to buy me my Christmas present if we can find one that will fit. I am speaking of a deck box. We need a spot to store things and stuff outside.

more later

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