OMG I ate Goat!!

Eating Goats?

What all goats look like to me

Rick had this great idea to go over to ‘Mimi’s’ the local lunch place for lunch. He brought back two number 3’s. What he didn’t tell me was that the curried beef was actually goat, GOAT. I don’t eat sheep because they just look stunned. Cows have a thoughtful look about them. Pigs are indeed crafty. Goats are something hippies or hipsters might eat. OMG now I have to wear plaid shirts JEEZUZ. They think eating goat is ‘totally deck’. Now I’m talking hipster…Sister Mary Francis.

Sheep and Goats are for sweaters and nice suits. Not for lunch. To top it off I ate something he called “oh just some local root”. It sorta looked like Potato but wasn’t. The plate also contained rice and beans, ribs (which were very good) from a pig, mac and cheese (likely goat cheese) and some really interesting cole slaw.

curried goat
Curried Goat – this looks like what I ate!

What could the root be? I might have eaten cassava?? What the hell is cassava? OMG

What is wrong with Potatoes. Wait the root wasn’t bad.

Rick says there is enough left for one more lunch…now there is GOAT in the fridge. Next we’ll be eating those green squirrels they have here.

What next.



Christmas Lady

There seems to be support from home to simply go the grocery store and ask about Christmas lady. What if she was abducted or killed and I ask around about her. Have you seen the jail here…wait it might be cooler than living on a boat in the yard????

Perhaps I will ask?

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