Wednesday January 18th, 2017

The best picture of Karen I could find. Washing John’s flimsies I think.


John leading us on one of his short walks. At least he’s wearing his life jacket.

The Mangos have been back in Florida for 4 or 5 days now. They travelled into the interior of Florida to the west side of Lake Wobegon to the Glade Marina place. They have Last Mango ready to launch and she should get splashed around 3pm today. We are eagerly awaiting them to get here so that they can help me get to the top of the mast to install the new wind thingy, and then we move on exploring the world and having fun.


Mangos did get new batteries for Last Mango from our new friend Tim at Florida Marine Diesels in Fort Pierce. John mentioned my name and got the “Greg who” discount but got a good price anyway on his new house batteries.

Once launched they have to travel east from where the boat is along the canal that connects to Lake Okeechobee and then east through the St. Lucie Canal to us in Stuart. Lots of bridges and locks to deal with. They figure they will get here on Friday and we can plan this season’s festivities. Time to get ready for a day ashore.

I hope that those of you on FB have noticed that I have stopped forwarding everything about that incompetent, criminal and disastrous (trumpism) premier of Ontario. I will try to verify everything I post about her in the future. To that end:

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