LVXXVI – Pickensville to Howell Heflin Lock and Dam

Friday October 31st, 2014

Halloween came and went. We all dressed up and had a short Halloween party. It was a short party as we did not see any humans after we dropped anchor in this cutoff just below the lock. I miss Halloween, any excuse to dress up. We did hear that the North is subject to snow. When you have to dress up in winter clothes it puts a damper on the costumes that everyone worked so hard to produce. I did get to wear my good hair and a mask. We hung Hecate and Red Skeleton from our truncated rigging…but nobody came by to see.

The day warmed up to about 70f (21c) but as the sun dropped so did the temp. by dark it was 50f (10c) and it is advertised to go to 38f (3c) by morning. We will leave here early and get to Demopolis in the light and hopefully a little warmth.

-details later-



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