LVXXIX – Kingfisher Marina, Demopolis to ?

Monday November 3rd, 2014

I know that I have missed a few days…so let me recap; We arrived here in Demopolis Alabama on Saturday afternoon. It was a nice day but still a little cool for here. The coolest was yet to come. We almost had frost overnight Saturday/Sunday. When I ventured out on Sunday, I was the only one in shorts. I might as well have been wrapped in the Canadian flag. Almost everyone I met said “you must be Canadian”. One even added the eh?

Our run to Demopolis was uneventful other than we continue to meet or overtake the Sue Chappelle. The Sue Chappelle is the Tow we interacted with and he/she laid her significant horn on me. Our next two encounters were cleaner and the horn was not used…although he/she wouldn’t talk to FRACAS. I have to assume it is our radio issue.

Yesterday we had the use of the FREE courtesy car here at the marina. It was an OK car but almost all of the knobs were missing from the AC controls and sound system. What a time to not have my trusty vice grips. We used the car to go to Walmart. I’m not a fan of Walmart but, we have done 90% of our food shopping in the big box stores. Their prices are fine. What annoys me about Walmart is that they change up the layout of the store. Most of the stores on this trip have been groceries left side of store. The Demopolis store is groceries right. I was left with a dizzy sensation and I tried to shop using a mirror but that didn’t work very well.

We did find the portable generator we were looking at TRACTOR SUPPLY. It was even cheaper. I know I should have bought a HONDA. This inverter generator is half the price of the HONDA. I can’t justify that. I did get it running but all the folks at the marina were giving me the look over the nose.

Here are a few pics of our travels over the past few days.

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