LVXXIII – Columbus

Tuesday October 28th, 2014

Later that same day… Just as we were preparing the boat for sleep we received a skype call from Brent and Lianne (Dragon). They were hosting Marc and Linda from DevOcean. Apparently the rain stopped long enough for Brent to go out and BBQ chicken. They were bored and decided to give us a call. They took turns telling us what was going on at home but the conversation circled mostly about the rain. It is certainly nice to see folks their (our) age responsible and well behaved. Reminded me of a Friday night on the berm.

Marc and Linda made this trek last season and we compared notes and they offered some suggestions. We talked about all the neat people you meet and remeet as you continue the trek down river and beyond. The loop is meant to describe the rivers, gulf, florida, ICW, Hudson, Erie canal, great lakes etc… But there are loops within loops. Loopers who were ahead of you suddenly appear behind you. Either by magnetism, gravity or divine intervention loopers are drawn together.

More in the morning…it is after boater midnight.

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