LVXXII – Columbus Mississippi

Monday October 27th, 2014

Alligator Mississippiensis (at periscope depth)

I heard something bump into the boat in the night. We have alligators in this marina. I have not seen one of these critters yet…apparently they are hard to see when they are operating at periscope depth. I’m not sure bear spray or the wasp spray will be effective against these critters. Like other confrontations with wild animals it is most important that you are not the slowest one running…

The rumours rumors of alligators must be true, as there are several folks with sad faces dragging empty leashes around the marina.

I’m am still a tad itchy from the fire ant attack yesterday. Those little monsters caused my foot to get pretty friggin hot. Stomping my foot didn’t help as they were on the top of my foot. I can’t wait to see what attacks me today. What southern varmint, critter or pestilence will drop me today. Normally things come in threes…I’m doing much better than that.

This morning’s schedule includes taking the marina’s courtesy car into town to pick up Pete and Judy’s rental car. They have to get back to their car at Pickwick Lake and continue their journey on to Arizona.

I will report on matters as they unfold.

alligator 2


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