LVXIV Diamond Island to Grand Harbor Marina

Sunday October 19, 2014

I finally have myself back in sync…from a pharmaceutical standpoint. Like many men I have to control my blood pressure. The best joke physicians have in their little bag of tricks is Hydrochlorothiazide the Pee pill. I also forget things that are not important to me at the immediate moment and sometimes the pills fall off my cracker so to speak. Woody always bristles when I use the word cracker…it may be time to put him in the tickle trunk and bring out the chickens. The girls are a hoot most of the time…where was I…

Mary Lynn is a nurse so usually the last thing she says to me is “did you take your pills”? Taking the P pill at bedtime leads to light sleeping and many jaunts to eliminate the fluid part of my blood. At this anchorage (that was a good thing as the Anchor didn’t set like I like). I’m sure most mornings there is only dust making its way through my system. Anyhow I’m back in sync with taking pills with breakfast. This will last until tomorrow…

tailgator-gas-powered-3860I need some distraction, I find myself coveting another man’s blender. Not just any blender, but a ‘blend-wacker’. This blend-wacker is a hybrid between a blender and a weed wacker. Powered by some Chinese 2 cycle engine this unit produces 120 db of noise and sufficient smoke to be man pleasing. It also blends. I’m at the point of trying to figure out where to put a device like this when that little voice (that sounds like Mary Lynn) says “you don’t need a ‘blend wacker’”!

I wonder, I have a 15 hp Yamaha… Perhaps a Yama wacker…

If men stopped buying what they want and only what they needed the world economy would come to a stop. Men are important…to ourselves and most importantly to the world economy, toys for boys.

Our passage through the Pickwick lock was a treat and a pleasure. The nice southern gentleman who managed our passage and helped us was a delight. He was at the gate on our exit and wished us a great day. The boat with us in the lock had problems securing to the floating pin and all the way up the lock…

We were amazed by the beauty of Pickwick Lake and vicinity. We made the turn and our entrance to Grand Harbor Marina was as foretold by our recent experiences and was wondrous. The lad who helped us dock, the harbor master who said we could borrow the 50 amp adaptor as soon as he could find it…he couldn’t find it and gave us a new one.

There are a lot of Loopahs here now and it will be wild here til 9 when we go to bed.

Pete and Judy were on the dock when we arrived and we are working on closing the day properly.

v8 blenderTomorrow I hope to have time to post pictures. We have some great ones.

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