Late Thursday early Friday

We had a great dinner of chicken and vegetables baked in the oven. Rick used too many spices but it was just the way we like it. Nothing subtle about his cooking…right in the face.

It rained so much the bilge pumps cut in…and we are on dry land. It was Caribbean pouring when we came out of the grocery store. We had to wait it out over a couple of icy cold beers.

We have coined the phrase I learned on Jazzebelle – Boat vomit. Thats when everything has to be removed from locker(s) and hiding places to find something that isn’t there. Boat puking happened twice or three times yesterday.

We are keeping a weather eye out on Afrodesia, to see if Morgan is coming. I just want to get a picture…but the guys in the yard say he gets 5 to 10 million per picture…I can’t afford that. I may just move the hunting cameras I have over at Christmas ladies perch to Afrodesia to see if I can get a free picture of Morg.

Rick is already stripped to his gitch let the work begin. After lunch I will address the picture issue.

Hog Heaven
The view from Hog Heaven

We walked again this morning 45 minutes at a good geezer pace. Got the cholesterol moving. Saw some new territory. Met up with Seamus O’Connell (Ricks play friend from this spring) and made a lunch date for Sunday at a place up on the mountain called Hog Heaven. I bet you can’t wait for my review of that place.

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