If it’s Monday is it haircut day?

There comes a time in the growth cycle of my hair when it becomes unmanageable. Hair anarchy on my head, even a hat will not quell the revolt occurring under cover. Linda and or Danielle are nowhere to be found here in Florida so I must seek out unfamiliar haircutting…

February 2016, Bozo cut

Most folks would just get it done. I have extra concerns following my hair cut in Georgetown, Exuma Bahamas. Bozo (his real name) gave me a special cut.

I’m going to take a copy of this picture today and say “cut it anyway but this”. If the haircut person has shears 18 inches long like Bozo, I’m out the door.

My options, I’ll let you know tomorrow where I decided to go:

  • The Roost, classic barbering
  • Tony’s Senior Barber Shop
  • Headquarters Barber Shop
  • Jack’s Barber Shop
  • Beach Barber Shop
  • Sand Tresses

We are in the mooring field in Fort Myers beach. We will likely hold here until after Super bowl Sunday. We are riding out a significant cold air mass and persistent North and Northwest winds. It is cold for Florida. This morning it is in the 50’s in the boat and will only get into the 60’s this afternoon. Raining just now, the locals need the rain.

At some point after the Super Bowl we will head south to the Keys and Key West. more later

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