Houston, we are back on line

Saturday April 22nd, 2017

Some of you, or I should say a few of people I know may have noticed that fracasw42.com has been offline for a period of time. I missed blogging about the last of our time in Florida and the preparations of Fracas for the summer, summerizing.

The tough part of blogging is to find something to write about in what you have done, seen or heard since you last blogged. Then the trick is to make it interesting and hopefully humorous or rather humourous.

In my case it was a bug in the software I used for blogging. I use WordPress as an app on GoDaddy webhosting.  I tried on two frustrating occasions to work through the issue with the techs online at GoDaddy. I’m not suggesting that they drink or smoke dope at GoDaddy but it might help. The first two techs and hours I spent trying to get them to fix my problem was frustrating. I left the issue for a couple of weeks hoping that my son Mike could sit in on a call and we could get things fixed up.

This time I went to the top. I went to ‘webhosting’ and luckily my call was matched with Chad. Chad fairly quickly saw what the other two had done and kept saying “why did they do that”? and “Woaaa”?  I have heard Mike use those computer terms when he is on the phone with the ‘idiots’ that use computers that he has to help fix.

My problem turned out to be a simple incompatibility issue with a ‘plugin’. A plugin is a piece of software that is designed to work with some version of WordPress software. WordPress is updated fairly often and sometimes the plugins lag behind and cause these kinds of problems.  Usually you are able to shut down the plugin if it causes problems but in my case it went to a white screen of death and left me no option to go back in time to a good point and start over.

I was on the phone with Chad for over an hour and I had to email him an hour after that to see how a file test he had started worked out. Everything is working well again. I have fewer plugins now and hopefully things will work for a while.





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