Hobe Sound beach

Wednesday February 01st, 2017

I did post a lot of my pics from yesterday on FB but I will repost some here again. It was a beautiful day here if not still a tad cold. Overnight lows stayed in the 60’s and today might make it into the 70s so things are improving. The water temperature is around 64°f and I refuse to go into it further than my ankles.

I’m not sure what the lure is of walking on the beach. The surf was not big but it was insistent and every now and then a wave would reach and engulf your feet. The sound of the surf on the sand has a way of clearing things out of your head, a sort of ocean default reset. Even with the knees of an 80 year old I/we walked 3 miles of beach back and forth. The southern mark is the ‘Gallivant’ the broken 45 or 50 foot ketch washed up.

In all our time in the Caribbean and Bahamas we found our first sea beans here at Hobe Sound/Peck Lake. They are one of those things like morels or morals for that matter that are hard to find but find one then they seem to be everywhere. We found examples of most of the popular sea beans.

I’m uncertain what we will do with them, there is one I’m kind of fond of and he is Donald my worry stone. I doubt that any bean dish is in the works and if so it would likely require an extended period of time in the pressure cooker machine.

Likely we will go again today as we will have more than a week until a window potentially opens for travel east to the Bahamas. This time we will go to the North and see what beans and such we can find.

There are 17 boats here overnight not to crowded for these conditions.  Here are some pics from yesterdays walk-a-bout.

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