Gray or is it Grey?

Sunday April 23rd, 2017

It’s one of those gray days outside. You know the days, not rain, fog or mist but gray. Gray the colour and gray the feeling. You can tell there is a sun up there but the light is only teasing us. Gray days are not great days to wander and wonder around with your old Canon and try to take some good pics. My plan was to try to get some shot of the turtle pond with Mike’s long lens . Yesterday I noticed a couple of Blanding’s and three or four Painted turtles holding court on their log.

I had a plan of attack. They almost always scurry, if turtles can scurry, away to the bottom of the pond and there to outwait me and my Canon. I walked down to the pond hoping to get a shot of some birds or something interesting along the way. The sand from winter is still heavy along the shoulder of the road and a large deer had left some tracks along the road.  Other deer had travelled the same path either travelling with the large deer or on their own mission. But no deer were out to be observed today.

I walked on the other side of the road to not disturb the turtles. It didn’t matter, the day was too gray and cool even for the turtles. So I took pictures of the places where the wildlife would be if they were out. It was Earth Day plus one so that seemed like a good idea. I wandered over onto our property on the other side of the road and hoped to see something. Of course I was surrounded by somethings but I wanted something else. Lots of deer tracks, scat and bones of critters that didn’t make the winter.

Later this same day, I ambled down to the pond again. This time I heard the turtles flop off the log and into the water. They did so well in advance of my arrival. Cars can drive by with no response, but crunch a few gravel stones and these babies abscond like thieves…

Some of the pics:



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