General… horseplay?

The old cougars from the show

We are always looking for something different to do. We also look for off the wall things to fill our day. Yesterday was one of those events that covered both boxes, different and off the wall. Celebrity Cruises ‘Golden Girls fan cruise was stopping in Key West for the day. We would be groupies and follow them on their pub crawl.

I’m not a fan of this show. In fact I think it ranks up there with that TV horror ‘Three’s Company’ with that Jack Ritter person. Even though he was the son of Tex Ritter the cow singer he was horrible on a horrible show. I did like the acidic mother on the Golden girls show. The oldest character on the show was in fact the second youngest in real life, as if this show had anything to do with real life. The oldest actor was in fact Betty White, the only one of these civil war hookers to remain living today. At least I think that was the premise of the show.

The banner at the entrance to General Horseplay

The cruise people had planned a pub crawl for the passengers able to move around on their own or with limited mechanical assistance. Three or four of the participating bars/places in Key West were involved.

Our first stop was ‘General Horseplay‘ a kind of cool house/backyard alleyway bar. The back part is called their 2 cent back bar. They normally have live entertainment and todays offering was quirky if not breathing. The sax player needs to give up the stogies though. The band was ‘Barry Cuda’ and the band.

During our time there quite a number of the passengers in various garb came in and got stamped or whatever was required. We stayed for one drink and with great anticipation building for the next stops and to come. K did not bid on anything here.

The guy in the pink is the race announcer and wannabe jockey

Our next stop was Mary Ellen’s Bar and Restaurant they specialize in gourmet grilled cheese, although we didn’t get to sample any. We were here for the main event. Mary Ellen’s although famous for their grilled cheese are better known for their charity ‘Vibrator Races’. The ‘horses’ are auctioned off and the proceeds are split with the winning… horse taking 50% and charity the other 50%. Lubrication is not permitted, the ‘horses’ have to vibrate or wiggle their way down the slightly inclined track. Luckily gravity is one law still in effect here in Key West so there is always a winner.

Track conditions not withstanding the biggest factor in the outcome is the condition of the horse’s batteries. Size doesn’t appear to matter here as the smallest ‘colt’ managed to win a couple of times. K did get into the act and was an unsuccessful horse owner complete with a Kentucky Derby type hat and her version of mint julep.

We moved on to lunch. Yes so far all this occurred in broad daylight and before 12 noon or high noon here in Key West. We grabbed a quick bite at Pinchers. Luckily or unluckily drinks were two for one so of course we had a couple. I had a reasonably good bowl of their gumbo washed down with a couple of a fine local draft beers. The combination worked.

A bad and blurry picture from inside Aqua… a faux Cher at work

Next on the crawl list was Aqua, the house of faux women. If you have read me at all you may recall Inga from last season’s ‘visit’ to Aqua. The girls (ML and K) rushed in knocking over anyone in their paths. John and I lollygagged and lingered at the bar and nearly missed all of Inga’s set. This 250 pound faux woman in her Herman Munster sensible pumps and Bea Arthur un-sensible hair stomped her way around the bar collecting the offerings of the cruise ship folks and others. No bidding here, the ladies soon developed a system. ML readied the bills and K (our accountant) paid the bill (need I say more).

We returned to our respective ships and resumed our schedules after a nap.

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