Friday November 29

Friday November 29
Rick lost an egg, a lengthy search was conducted by the crew. The rats looked guilty but in the end the missing egg was found in the carton at the other end. Rick had simply used the eggs out of order. A short intense training session was conducted and each egg now bears a number.
We have delved into the fuel issue and have determined that as the boat was healed to 20 degrees and the tanks shape likely led to us running out of fuel as the pick up might have grabbed air. We opened a tank bolt and dipped both tanks. The port tank has 11 out of 60 gallons and the starboard tank has 30 out of 60. So, 5 useable from port and 25 useable from starboard allowing for the pickup to be at least 1 inch above bottom.
I feel better when I come up with a plausible reason for the engine stopping. We will put our 5 gallons from the jerry can and another from shore here to get that tank functional with 15 hours of useable fuel. We will top up tanks when we get back to Tortola, better and slightly cheaper fuel available.
A new rule was developed, motor sail on the high side tank to eliminate that scenario.
This fuel issue has driven home the importance of knowing without doubt how much fuel you have and the condition of the fuel. Fracas’s new fuel polisher addresses the condition issue. But the float gauges are inaccurate. A proper tank measuring system will be added.
Rick is cleaning out his cupboard. He is actually throwing stuff out. It hasn’t actually left the ship though. But hope is alive.
More squalls pass through. The day at the beach at Loblolly is in jeopardy.
Sorry this past two posts are more technical I will do better.
We made it to shore. We discovered that we are here on the eve of Lobsterfest.
We have already rented scooters to drive on the wrong side for the day. Mandatory helmets.

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