Fracas update

Our new anchor made it through unscathed…

It is hard to believe that we’ve been here in the yard since November 16th. That will be three weeks tomorrow. Things are moving along but slowly, supply chain issues and high demand for services are conspiring to keep us here. Let me say at the outset that lots of people lost their homes, businesses and belongings. They lost everything. We just had our boat fall over.

When 20 tons of fun falls over things will get crushed, things will fall out, and things will get crushed, scraped and dinged. Things will come out of cupboards. Things will fly out of drawers. Things will get wet. When your boat is on its side water will leak in when it normally would not. During the storm wind driven rain will find its way in and lay in the boat, trapped without access to pumps and drains. For more than two weeks she laid on her side like that. A Whitby owner from the yard did tape up some of the ways more water might get in and that may have helped considerably.

What was damaged?

  • Hull above water line, scratches, gouges and scrapes – repair and repaint
  • Hull below the water line, scratches, gouges and scrapes – repair, replace barrier coat and repaint
  • Rub rail (stainless over teak) destroyed for over Port side
  • Mizzen mast bent and broken
  • AIS antenna cracked
  • Lazy jacks chaffed and destroyed, both masts
  • Halyard cut to remove mast by yard
  • Triatic stay broken (from top of main mast to top of mizzen mast)
  • Mizzen mast mounting plate ripped out of deck house
  • Antenna lead cut to remove mast by yard
  • Ground strap to mast cut to remove mast by yard
  • Wind generator bracket bent and broken
  • Wind generator?
  • Davits crooked may be bent
  • Solar panels on davits, bent and broken
  • Stanchions on port side bent
  • Main mast backstay broken
  • Windex wind indicator toast
  • Garmin wind transducer destroyed
  • All standing rigging likely overstressed and ready to be replaced
  • Dehumidifier fell from counter and has passed on…
  • Clutter of stuff falling and shifting during flight
  • GPS antenna took water in while on side
  • Garmin VHF radio dead short
  • Sirius XM radio display unreadable moisture?
  • Stereo system head end no longer functions
  • Moisture and water damage to interior surfaces

You get the idea. Making a list like this is therapeutic for me. It looks like we are making progress. We still have more tasks to do than are done, but the jobs we have done are the time consumers. When we launch the boat will hardly be ready for sea. We are going to Fisherman’s village marina for the next stage of our re-fit. Once there we will tackle more of the cosmetic and standing rigging issues. We will try to replace the rig one piece at a time.

Fracas ingloriously on her side

More later