Day two – Migration south

November’s fourth, twenty seventeen

We dilly dallied around this morning and walked down to the falls. It seems that if you are there it is the thing to do. The falls are impressive as always. So it was after 09:30 when we were on the QEW and on our way south. We intended to get past Morgantown West Virginia and we did. I’m not used to sitting for long periods and breaking this trip down some was a good idea. We made it to Bridgeport WV. Bridgeport’s claim to fame… they turned a coal mine into a golf course.

Dead Bob Evans

We are in a Hampton Inn directly side by each with a Bob Evans restaurant. We are looking forward to meeting Bob later this evening… ML suggests that he is dead. The restaurant appears to be open so he likely didn’t die today. (Googlizer minute)… Bob Evans is in fact dead. He was a large sausage… let me rephrase, he was a pork sausage magnate, later founded restaurants. I don’t know if he is as big a sausage guy as Jimmy Dean or that King of sausage guy from Chicago.

Pharmacist not exactly as shown. Needle is smaller than actually used

I was surprised and delighted to learn (after several unsuccessful attempts to get my flu shot using the  Itranslate app) that they in fact speak English here in West Virginia. The pharmacist took it as quite a funny joke and jammed that syringe into my arm. I attempted to get my shot in Canada but everywhere I tried was out of this years flu juice.

Tonight we set the clocks back I hope that goes better than last year. I ended up in a time warp, or was it a worm hole… never sure.

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