Day twenty: 17:26 – the Sand box

It has been a very large afternoon for the ladies and Rick. They have been fantasizing about what we thought was a porn movie being shot on a mega yacht next door to us. The Mega was named OHANA and we misheard the name of what was being shot on board. We got one letter wrong in the title and jumped to porn. In actuality what was being shot was an episode of ‘Below Deck‘.

below-deck-logoApparently a Bravo series. Our version of the fantasy was much more interesting.  There was general disappointment when the people they had identified with binoculars as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and numerous others turned out to be the crew of Below Deck.

We are still waiting for Rick to get back. He put on his slightly effeminate navy seal snorkel suit and swam over to be an extra in the film he thought was called something slightly different than Below Deck.

2014-02-22 16-56-00 - IMG_1107
Rick in his slightly girlie navy seal outfit on. He didn’t get the part and we should get him out of jail in time for the hockey game in the morning.
2014-02-22 16-58-33 - IMG_1109
The small Mega Yacht OHANA where the Below Deck episode is being shot.









In other news the women reported that they didn’t see or do anything on their one hour walk around the Bitter End. Rick and I were left on board to make bread. The women (both telling me commands at the same time) “thirty this and 375 that and let it rise and stir it down and cook it… The Captain and I did the best as men will and the bread cooked but it turned out to be a concave sort of thing.

Today was my day to cook. Mojitos were on the menu. I make a mess if I make several rounds of them so I plan to just make two rounds. Then I have to deal with the aftermath. They were pretty damn good and after that the ladies took it upon themselves  to make their own lime in da coconuts. The blender is empty.

I don’t want you all to think that all we do is drink. We have very productive days and I had a big day playing twister with a bunch of geriatric retired Cirque d soleil folks on shore while the girls were walking. They had to get the jaws of life to get me out of that but I made a couple of good friends.

It was very disturbing to discover that on the opposite side of us today was a power boat…an azimut and it is a family of 3 sons and a momma and a poppa. Let me be blunt,  everyone wears clothes except the mamma.  Now I’m not a prude and there wasn’t a pole involved but it was a distraction. She wasn’t hard to look at as they say but she was hard to not look at. It is possible that I have a pair of black eyes now.

It was a large day on the Grand Cru. JEEZUZ/TABERNAK


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