Day twenty – 06:20 – Bitter End yacht club Mooring Ball 46

I am the only one up, it is still pretty early. The wind has been blowing pretty good all night, easily averaging 20 with gusts to 25. We continue to enjoy the shelter offered by the North Sound on Virgin Gorda. We are in our last week on the boat and we hope to get to Anegada and then back to Tortola for preparations to go home. The windguru update below shows that today the winds will likely subside some and make the Anegada anchorage more comfortable. We want to try to lay for a day around the corner at Pomato Point.
















anegada airphoto
Anegada looking from west to east. Anegada lies about 12 knots North of Virgin Gorda

The reason we wait for calmer winds is to lay on anchor with some comfort. We draw a little too much to go into the mooring field and the traditional anchorage so we have to lay out a bit. The anchorage is behind a reef but the reef is miles away at that point and it can be  a rocky ride. The minuses are few and the pluses are many. Great lobster meals. The most beautiful and unpopulated beaches. A different feel from the heavy music and activity of Tortola and to some extent Virgin Gorda. So it looks like we will sail over on Sunday I think that is tomorrow and stay for at least two days. We have to catch our ferry to St. Thomas on Thursday and we will stay at the Windward Passage hotel prior to flying out on Friday. Damn starting to talk about going home. Home where they are battling high winds and the aftereffects of freezing rain.

Today we are off to Gun Creek to finish provisioning a bit for Anegada. Anegada is not a place to shop. Rick and I spent 9 bucks on a half loaf of frozen bread several years ago. It is a little bit better today but still expensive for shopping. After gun creek we will anchor at the Sand Box. The Sand Box is a nice beach and facility that the small cruise ships use. It is a jumping spot when the ships are in but quite nice when they are not.

sandbox 1 sandbox 2

More later. Still hoping to be somewhere Sunday morning with enough internet to get the game.


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