Day thirteen: 06:37 – JVD – Foxy’s moving day

When in Great Harbour on a Friday night you have to go to Foxy’s for the BBQ. They do Mahi mahi, chicken and ribs on wood coals and it is pretty good. You get as much as you can carry for $28. Drinks are typically 7 or 8 bucks but they are stout beverages.

They had live music and they were also pretty good but they played something reminiscent of disco? Is disco back and they didn’t tell me? Of the four of us I am the only one who hates to dance. Don’t get me wrong…if someone was shooting at my feet screaming Dance I could get the job done. I know, I know it was valentines day and all. We did dance less than Mary Lynn wanted and I am sorry about that…

Facts about Great Harbour JVD:

  1. You can check into or out of the BVI here at Great Harbour. You have to check into the USVI but not out. You must check in and out of the BVI. Most of the islands require your check out documents prior to allowing you in.
  2. Rudy’s grocery store at the opposite end of the beach from Foxy’s has improved greatly since we were here last. They are making quite and effort with stock and presentation.


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