Day six: August 22, 2014 Mackinaw City

We awoke on Friday to a very quiet morning. Still as glass with only the Martin’s Reef foghorn’s mournful blast to break the spell. We waiting an hour and a bit for the horn to stop which we hope meant that the fog had abated. When we got out on the big water we could see 10 miles and the seas were calm. We have only sailed a very small segment of our trip to date.

IMG_2944We could not see Mackinac Island and it appeared to be a solid wall of fog  enshrouding her and the Round Island Channel. We knew from AIS that a large laker was approaching Round Island from the West and I did not want to meet here in the narrow channel in the fog. We slowed a bit and the bow of the Algoma Olympic popped out just as radar and AIS predicted she would. It was as if the laker had pulled the plug on the fog as it began to dissipate and within 10 minutes we could see the bridge and Mackinaw city.

We had reserved a slip in the sparsely used Straits State Marina at Mackinaw City. All nice new facilities clean and well tended. It is right adjacent to the retired ice breaker Mackinaw. For a few loonies you can tour the old girl and I might do that. We did some grocery shopping and dragged our new wagon through the streets of Mackinaw City. We were stopped by the police three times as I had no inkling that there was a speed limit for wagons.

Mary Lynn had added a small washing machine to the equipment list of Fracas. It was time for the unit to come forth and perform…laundry. There below in the galley was a laundry room where a boat used to be. The machine is small and to do a large towel takes two loads. Luckily this marina is operated by the DNR so to dry a load of clothes is only 6 shiny quarters. Look at me talking about laundry.

We did meet up with one of the boats doing the loop who is also in the group of six boats shipping masts together out of Chicago. The Roda Lee is a Island Packet and they are leaving this morning for Charlevoix Michigan. We will follow their wake tomorrow. We may be joined this morning by another of the six, the vessel Eclipse who is coming in for a part and some repairs.

Tomorrow our plan is to go over to Mackinac Island for a few hours to wander around and do the tourist thing without a pending race or activities related thereto. I hope to find a new imaginary friend to join Woody, the rats, Spot and the Chickens.


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