Day nineteen: 07:47 Bitter End

In what can only be called a driving f/u we missed the ball on the first pass. I was giving hand controls and the Captain was failing to make the boat do what needed to be done. What am I to do he is the Captain. So, he blamed me and we nailed it on attempt number two. That is our only failure (mooring ball wise) on this voyage.

The biggest problem we face is those money grubbing olymp dick operators are not allowing streaming video of the game here in the Caribbean. So of course the CBC is not allowing us to see the game as I ranted earlier. We will have to go ashore and seek out the game and sit with Americans here at the Bitter end yacht club. We were here four years ago to face the Americans in the gold medal game and sang O Canada to them at the end. They took it well…no black eyes then.

Louise has to go to shore to walk…several hours worth I think if she is to wear off the S&V pringles that got mowed down. louise pringlesShe said she wouldn’t eat them but she got into them while late night at the salon table crunching candies like a demented granny. It is frightening at the end of the can when she tips it up. Like a shark striking her eyes roll back and she starts a chompin. A couple of days back we had two cans of pringles open at the same time and the poor thing had both her hands stuck in the cans.


More later


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