Day five: 18:31 – Francis Bay

Sister Mary Francis it is tough to get internet here and there even with high tech stuff to do it… We are on a mooring ball at Francis Bay a National Park in the U.S. and the fee for a night on a ball here is $15. We will be here for a few days while we complete repairs on the refrigeration. I am tired of competing with the food for a friggin ice cube for a drink.

This place is arguably the best anchorage in the Caribbean for beach, sun and shelter. Service, ice and supplies is up those 9000 steps but its still OK.

Louise lead us on a walk today. We saw her for the first 200m then she was gone. Then she passed us again on the way back???? Why hurry like that. There is no reason to get anywhere quickly, we are in the Caribbean.

Yesterday we stopped for a drink at a bar and restaurant in Cruz Bay and the Mommas enjoyed their Lime in the Coconuts…so we got the components. We got the blender out and made them a round of our version.

Lime in da Coconut: 2 jiggers of Coconut Rum, 1.5 jiggers of White Rum, 1 jigger of Coco Lopez and 1 jigger of Bar Lime Juice and a bunch of ice to grind up. Swirl it in the machine until it froths and serve makes one or two.

So, three rounds of those and the blender was overheated and the women were…lets call it vocal. Rick and I have stayed below since we served the third round to the women. They are happy up there…very happy up there.

Our plan is to widen the gap in the Euchre tournament and I think it will work, unless it backfires and they get drunk luck.

I have a bunch of great pictures to add in the morning when I hope we can hack into someone’s internet and post.


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