Day eighteen: 18:20 Leverick Bay still…

cornish hens
Maybe instead of eating this cornish hen I should teach it to play euchre and get rid of Rick

Well, we are still on the ball but we think we have repaired the dinghy motor. Rick is serving his specialty that Louise says is not really his specialty Cornish Hens. It involves two small chickens (we probably saw them wandering around ashore yesterday) and a cob or corn shoved up their insides. Cob o’ Cornish hens. I can’t wait. We are not having Coleslaw tonight instead we are having the pasta special.

So far during our stay here our cab driver Cyril has earned enough money to to send his kids to college and have a few more. We have to get out of here soon.

We did go into happy hour and had a couple while the women swam in the pool and had showers and stole paper towels. We will soon have more paper towels on board than they have ashore.

The cheap bastards at the CBC won’t allow canadians to watch the olympics while at sea. I will soon be supporting our prime minister as he shuts the CBC down. I would like to thank all the facebook folks and skype folks who gave us a running commentary of the hockey game and curling today. Phil types like Danny Gallivan and Lianne like Foster Brooks no I mean Foster Hewitt. Dave Naples was helping as well and enjoyed the game even if we were triumphant. Lord knows our women are dominant ( on Grand Cru, for sure Ward ).

It was like the old time radio days only worse. But it was all we had and I enjoyed the thought that they were typing their brains out while trying to watch several very exciting sporting events. So, tomorrow we are moving over to the bitter end and stake out our spot. We may shoot our retirements to drink enough to hold our seats at the bitter end.


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