CXXXIV – Airboats and Alligators

Sunday December 28th, 2014

On the way to the Airboat and Alligator adventure I did see something disturbing and interesting. A sign we don’t see at home, Cougar Crossing. I know that there are many connotations for Cougar. (Cougar is used here…the signs are actually Panther Crossing for the Florida Panther)

COUGAR /ˈko͞oɡər/ noun

  1. North American – a large American wild cat with a plain tawny to grayish coat, found from Canada to Patagonia.
  2. Informal – an older wild woman seeking a sexual relationship with a younger man, usually found in bars.

The difference between the crossing of either Cougar would be skid marks. I suggest there wouldn’t be many related to the second definition, relative to the makeup, dentition, apparel and other accoutrements. My internal alarm bell is ringing…perhaps time to move on.

I suspect that the Christmas Lady is or was a cougar. She was willing to bag any man but I’m sure she was in fact searching for someone younger. Another Christmas has passed without any sign of our holiday girl. Both Ace Ventura and Captain Rick are searching.

Airboats and Alligators

The Alligator tour was about 2 hours from us, somewhere about 1 hour from Fort Myers. I have no clue where anything is on land. We arrived at the end of the road at Trafford Lake. One look confirmed that if we were going to see gators this would be near or actually be the spot to see them. Mary Lynn dealt with the Gator man and confirmed our reservation. Our airboat captain Bubba went through the safety instructions: “Ok, get in the boat now”. Life jackets were not visible…but if alligators are prevalent then life jackets would likely not help much just provide a floating buffet for the gators…

There were three others on our tour obviously some birders with their binoculars and such. Sound protection was provided but did not help with Bubba’s narrative. He was eager to do what he could to show us the sights and ‘critters’. We made a circuit of the lake in our allotted hour. We saw a majority of what lives and crawls in that swampy ecosystem. Mary Lynn and Jen had a couple of close encounters with gators as they spooked right beside the boat on their side.

Today is a project and cleaning day and Jen’s last day with us. More later




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