CXXVIII – 3 sleeps till Christmas

Monday December 22nd, 2014

The standing joke is about boater midnight or old people midnight. We had to stay up till after midnight (both versions) waiting for our son Michael and his wife Crystal to arrive. They finally got here about midnight. It was tough to stay up. It was obviously tougher on ML because the strain put her to sleep.

I’m not sure why we go to bed earlier and get up earlier. Today I got up because I could hear Osprey. There is a large population of them here in the marina. During the day they will sit on the buildings or on top of the masts. One of the liveaboards over on Q dock has a unique method of scaring away the birds. The birds are okay but when they shit poop it makes a mess on deck.

Mark a former tank commander carries a pocket full of M*** (classified) firecrackers and when a flock of birds attempts to enter north harbor he blasts one of those babies. Mark reminds me of Tommy Lee Jones, I suspect one messes with him at your own peril. Mark is also the guy who dives the boats and cleans and inspects your boat bottoms. We may use his services before we leave the marina. By the way the firecrackers work and the birds flock back to south harbor when the explosion occurs. I’m fairly certain that ML would oppose my carrying firecrackers and or a lighter on me to scare away birds. The Risk Management test; “What’s the worse thing that could happen” leads to a colourful colorful and die hard like list of potential disasters. Perhaps I could carry the compressed air ‘dog corrector’ spray, but compared to the tank commander it’s not quite the same thing…


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