CXXIII – Blackburn Bay to Charlotte Harbor

Wednesday December 17th, 2014

In the old days I used to be a finicky anchorer (?sp/g). Meaning I always wanted more than enough water under the boat, good protection and good holding. Last night we anchored in 6 feet of water hoping to have 5 at low tide and enough to leave at our departure. Look at me.

I’m a Christmas guy. I miss the parties, the people, the snow and the stuff I have had at Christmas for 62 Christmases. Notwithstanding I have the gumdrop cake (Grandma Elliott’s recipe), we have a tree and ML made cookies yesterday. It is different. Luckily we will have Mike, Crystal and Jeni with us for Christmas. The difference, we may go sailing.

Here are some pics from our past two days:



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