CXCV – Dinghy trek

Sunday March 1st, 2015 Brown’s Marina

01c81397cf881f1f2070ba848645e405a9a9bdc522Yesterday morning was laundry day…on both boats. The air on the docks was full of the smell of clean clothes and that Floozie fabric softener stuff. You could barely see the boats for clothes flogging in the wind. Karen from Mango is in charge of Quality Control and some of John’s clothes require inspector 13 to do the sniff test. JEEZUZ. I didn’t notice Mary Lynn doing any in depth inspection but I’m sure she does. It was sunny with a stiff breeze and the boats were soon clear of the flimsies and other articles of clothing.

Laundry day on board wouldn’t be required if the local coin operated laundry wasn’t 8 bucks a load to do. I know that stuff is expensive here but 8 bucks U.S. Drag the flimsies in an onion bag until they pass inspector 13…


This will be a short entry as I have to get FRACAS ready to move. We will leave by 06:00 and cross the Great Bahama Bank and drop the hook at Chub Cay hopefully just before dark.

Have a good day.

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