CXCII – Time to catch up

Wednesday February 25th, 2015

I have been slacking on doing my posting on the blog. I know now why the others drifted from the daily routine of blogging then eating. Remember I have said you have to enjoy the moment and where you are…don’t get lost in getting to the next place or thing. I will post pictures of some of the missing days later this morning.

Yesterday when we arrived here in Bimini Bahamas, as ML scanned the millions of blues and the crystal clear water and a large ray that jumped just ahead of FRACAS she said “this is what I signed on for”. I’m glad she is finally where she wanted to go. I’m sorry it has taken us 192 days, days that are memories but seem more and more distant (except the Tow captain blaring his horn at FRACAS) one pair of underwear that could not be salvaged)). The water, the people and the weather here are amazing.

We are at Brown’s Marina on North Bimini and we are being well looked after by Cordero and Humphrey. I think we are paying a buck twenty five a foot, 0.30 a gallon for water and 0.50 for each kw of electricity (almost as much as you poor bastards in ‘that woman’s’ Ontario).

Fast facts about Bimini and the Bahamas:

bahamian flag
This is the Bahamian Flag
bahamian marine flag
This is the Bahamian Merchant Marine flag, the one we are flying respecting the Bahamians.
  1. The Ratio of Flamingos to People on Grand Inagua is 65 to 1.
  2. The Bahamian money is held at par to the U.S. dollar both are worth way more than our poor Loonie (a more appropriate name I can’t think of).
  3. The Bahamas became independent of Great Britain in 1973 and still remain a member of the Commonwealth.
  4. Tourism, banking and finance support the stable economy.
  5. The flag represents the people (the triangle), the sea (the two aquamarine stripes and the land.
  6. They drive on the wrong side of the road!
  7. The streets are very narrow
  8. I have been almost run over twice already.
  9. The national bird is the Flamingo (not the plastic one), their tree is Lignum Vitae (tree of life), their flower is the yellow elder.
  10. When Christopher Columbus landed here the islands of the Bahamas had already been discovered thank you very much. For hundreds of years the islands had been inhabited by the Lucayan Amerindians. The Spanish arrived and enslaved them to work in Gold Mines on Hispaniola. Within a few decades they were no more.
  11. The Bahamas were a haven for pirates; Blackbeard, Anne Bonney, Charles Vane and many more.
  12. The pirates ‘ruled’ Nassau for a time…They chased the non pirates to Great Exuma Island. Eventually the pirates were driven off. Blackbeard escaped to be eventually killed in a famous naval battle off the U.S.
  13. Blackbeard is my favourite favorite pirate. I’m still looking for his rookie card.

More later me heartys…



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