CLXV Preparations to move

Mooring ball 57, Wednesday January 28th, 2015

We have been here for a week. During this time the wind conditions on the Gulf have been steadily from the North. The sea conditions have been such that sailing would have been possible but in from 5 to 9 foot seas. We could do that but it makes for long days, uncomfortable conditions and tricky entries into shallow anchorages. We have chosen the prudent sensible move to wait out the weather for better conditions. We will give the gulf today to settle and leave tomorrow.

I will report further on Fort Myers Beach and add some photos…I think I know where the camera is and will make a photo outing this afternoon. We are planning to go to the beach for the day. We will spend the morning getting the boat ready for sea again. Stow away stuff that will fly around the boat.

More later…

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