CLXIX – Anchored inside

Marathon Harbor, Monday February 2nd, 2015

The ocean is something not to be messed with. We used caution, discretion and fear to decide to anchor on the outside of the Marathon Harbor. The wind was howling off the land and we were sheltered from the sea. The first night here was ok, we woke up in the morning to a bit of bouncing but nothing like St. Marteen (Rick). The wind was advertised to switch around more South East and that would expose us to the full fetch from Cuba to the keys…

I hate anchoring close to others. I hate getting yelled at. I hate both of the former in combination. Anchoring seems like a simple thing when done in your head or on a blackboard. Do they still have black boards? You drop the hook and let her settle back with sufficient scope…not necessarily the amount you would like but sufficient. All the boats are nicely spaced and sitting pretty. Then horror of horrors the wind changes and or the current changes…or worse they both change. The plan goes out the window and you watch the nice ketch toggle back and forth off your stern close enough we could pass beers back and forth…(not really that close).  Closer than I like and I expect closer than he likes…when he wakes up. The wind will change later today and all will be good again, perhaps I can share beers with the trawler I am pointed at.

bahamianThe sailing vessel we are dancing with this morning is anchored in the Bahamian method. I didn’t notice this when we dropped our hook. This means he has two anchors out and is secured to both tidal currents and basically the boat will stay in one place. The other boats around me are swinging on one hook using various types of rode from all chain to rope. It is really anchoring 101. I just shortened up a tad and added the kellet to our junk over board to steady us down and use up some of our scope. (keeping us away from the ketch off our stern). I would mention the name of said other boat but he might be one of the people who read this stuff.

My battle with the wind generator (I got for nothing) continues. It still fails to work properly and today is the judgement day for this wretched device. It will be added to the anchor rode as additional kellet weight should it not yield to my repairs. The neighbors are enjoying my time up the mast. Most of them now know all the swear words in my dictionary and a few I have invented for wind generators specifically. Another simple process right, harness the wind’s energy and put it into the batteries so I can use my IPAD. Today I have read almost 90% of the manual for the useless wind generator. I would hate to think that this maggoty wretched device from hell will cause me to read 100% of a manual. All the men out there are thinking next women’s clothing…I have two or three more things to try before I finish the book…TABERNAC COWLIPS, Sister Mary Francis

We did get the parts we ordered for the Wind Generator. They were delivered to Jim Stengel at Harbor Cay Club on the North side of Marathon. It is a private marina for owners. They can take in transients if owners are off the property. Jim is a great guy, and Island Packet guy and we of Fracas would like to thank him for his help with these parts. I don’t hold him in any way responsible for the FRACAS this wind generator has caused.

The Marathon Municipal Marina manages the extensive mooring field. Yesterday we were 27th on the waiting list. At the end of the day we were 25th on the list. I think we moved up because some people died or their boats sank waiting. Hopefully some people heading to Key West might move on today or some more of the geriatric group can pass on in general and we can move up to a mooring ball and pay for our time here???? They have a nice facility ashore with adequate washrooms and showers, a large common room and workshops available to do big projects in. All this is provided you are on a mooring ball or have paid the 24 bucks (US) to tie up the dinghy to their facilities. They segregate the dinghies here and I think that’s a good thing. For too long now we have been traveling with Mango who have a hard dinghy and when the two dinghies are in close proximity…let’s just say it’s wrong on many levels.

We continue to watch cold front after cold front bombard Florida and the Bahamas eliminating any safe chance of crossing over. We are within one day of being at a jumping point and I/We are eager to get over there and enjoy the warm. Wait a minute, it’s warm here?



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