Big Bright Moon and maybe splash today

Monday November 14th, 2016

First off today is grandson Harrison’s 17 month birthday. Happy Birthday Bubsy…

img_2982Last night the moon was going to be the closest and brightest it has been in 70 years. Preparations were being made all around the marina. The liveaboard “liveaboards” were lowering their masts to avoid collision but that was just being silly. We just took down the mast top antenna and hoped for the best. It seems that the moon did not come that close to this part of Floirida. It was impressive and the yard was well illuminated.

img_2981As you can see we have a clear path to the ocean…well sort of. The lift can’t get to us because of a small sailboat stuffed in beside us. Now they can’t get to the small sailboat with their trailer. We seem to be in a catch 22 situation. They need to move us to get to the small boat and they need to move the small boat to get to Fracas. Talk yesterday was to bring in a crane and all I can think of is a crane like the old, old, old crane that img_2968haunted Boyle Marine in the old days…stay tuned.

They start early around here…should be active by the crack of 11:30… I may have to paint the bottom again if we don’t get in soon. Sister Mary Francis!

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