Back on the Internet…I mean land

Hey I’m back. Still don’t have the bandwidth to put up any pictures.

I have yet to write the story of the sailing trip from Hampton to Eleuthera. The internet although here is still very slow and intermittent. I need time to replay the events and the time at sea. I never felt so small on an ocean or a world so big. When we saw stars they were the brightest, waves the biggest, winds the strongest and a million tones  and hues of blue.

Some of the Salty Dawgs had a lot of trouble. Some were injured. Some plucked from the ocean. Some were towed to safety. Others cut away broken rigging and continued on. It was a trip to remember.

We were lucky. We had an exhilarating surreal 6 days on this great boat. We had some interesting mechanical issues at the very end when we doused sails and made to come into our first anchorage in Royal Bay but that will be left til tomorrow when I can do the story more service.

Another Canadian Cold front is coming in starting late tomorrow and that will keep the boat here at least until Saturday. That means I have to modify my travel plans to get to Freeport to catch my flight out on Monday.  It involves crewing on a crawfish boat, a ferry and a flight on a Sopwith camel but it should work out.





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