Back at the boat

January’s 2nd, twenty eighteen

That’s the first time I had to use the new year in a heading. I’m sure there will be mistakes at that part of my brain that controls time finally absorbs the change. I’m getting old enough that my brain very easily slips into different years and stories fall out from that era…?

Yesterday was traumatic. We had to leave H our grandson. It’s always hard to leave him, but this time it’s for around 4 months. We did get a chance to speak to him on Face Time last night (he is a night owl). He seems to understand that we went on a plane and we are on the boat. When he first saw us on ‘his’ ipad a sad shadow crossed his face, almost immediately washed away and he starting telling us about his day.  He has adjusted to our departure… we have not.

I’m not sure what was going on at the Toronto airport. They were working on the equipment on the Nexus line for primary screening. We were directed into the regular line. To say that all the CATSA ‘security’ people were rude and surly would be offensive to real rude and surly people. They were boorish, prison guard-esque, and unprofessional. I did notice that most of the people working had lots of bars, stars and embellishments on their uniforms and epaulets, ahhh admirals and generals working front line? We haven’t been treated that way by government workers since the locks in Illinois.

Our flight was typical. We were delayed but only for an hour or two. Once Air Canada located a plane for our trip things began moving more swiftly. We were flying  Rouge with tons of kids and babies on board. I must say the children behaved very well on this flight. When we deplaned and descended into the baggage claim it was eerie thinking about the crazy who had shot up the place not that long ago. ML was getting irritated that  I was pushing her ahead of me on the escalator.

The car park folks did a good job of getting us back in our car and on our way. They were responsive when we called and the shuttle was there very fast. If you are looking for an economical option… just saying

The boat was where we left it and so far it seems great. The weather sucks today. Another cold front, North wind and cool.  more later


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