Anchoring or the art of parking a boat and it staying where you put it.

We are presently in Sturgeon Cove on the North side of Cloche island. Normally one would have little problem setting a secure hook here. When we arrived our preferred location had squatters. We decided to just drop a hook a respectful distance behind.
The squatters left a few hours later and I should have moved to ‘our’ spot but it was nice and that would be work…
I did forget to mention that there was an incident at Wally’s. Sometimes when Wally is not on site the student workers don’t get the boats to move up and or back to leave room for others. This was such a morning and two boats were taking and holding all the space. I circled and pondered trying Med. style, but too early in the day for that.
Finally the spot opened. We were the boat next in line over a black trawler that was waiting patiently as well. I was on final approach into the wind and current. I was 50 feet from my target when a bastard ‘blow boater’ in a white C and C cut across my bow. I managed to get Fracas stopped and backed up a touch. Backing up is something Fracas is normally unwilling to do without some notice and notice time was in short supply.
I may have had the right to remain silent but I lacked the ability. To this bastard blow boater from hell I said “I am sure you are told many times but you sir are a horses ass” the stunned look on his face was a perfect match for his character and actions.
He said “are you talking to me” in a very non De Niro like way. Mary Lynn suggested he was deaf. I decided I would carry the crap in my holding tank rather than under his hat like said blow boater.
I tell that part of the story which may help explain the poor anchor set I did that lead to some slipping in Sturgeon. The slipping lead to weighing anchor and resetting in 29 knots gusting 25. This time the delta grabbed and held. Number two anchor out and we steadied up nicely. At 10:45 the wind started to go down as advertised and to bed I went with at least 1 Gil of the demon in my gut.
Which lead me into a night of thinking about anchoring, anchors and devices. It is an age old discussion, what anchor(s) to carry and use. “They all work if set properly.” Perhaps a kegel or is it kellet?
It is a beautiful morning here in Sturgeon. I can see our preferred anchor spot from here but barely.

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