I call it mattress creep. I start out the night nicely centered in my third of the bed. Like a glacier, she moves slowly. A speed so slow as to not be visible to the human eye. She flows into my third at the same time the covers are being rolled up into her domain.

Thank God for the piping on the edge of the mattress or I would take the 3 foot plunge to the cabin sole. There is a teak cabinet adjacent to my head. It takes several hours for the wood grain pattern to smooth out on my face. I’m not complaining, I’m lucky to have what I have.

Yesterday I worked on the new version of a cockpit table. The binnacle sits in the middle of the square cockpit making a conventional table not possible. It is hilarious when we have guests and they have to peak back and forth to see others across from them. We needed some kind of a table.

I have been searching for the right hardware. The right hardware would be cheaper than Garelick and not be a post to the sole of the cockpit. We found the side mount bracket from Taco Marine, so far so good.

The offending binnacle is still an obstacle to building a table. So, a table on the port side where there is a little more room seemed to be the first step. More later

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