Hobby horse competition???

Tuesday April 04th, 2017

Update: Just watched a bit on TV news about Hobby horse competitions in Scandinavia. I kid you not, this is big over there. Steeple chase etc… Sister Mary Francis?  Click here to see Wall Street Journal story

Yesterday it was fairly hot in the boat. Outside there was a breeze but it was hot and humid despite the wind. Work was restricted to short bursts then relax and rehydrate. ML was continuing to finish off the Bimini section of our new enclosure. It looks great, but I expect she will be happy to see the end of this project.

I worked on re-bedding the chain plates. If you can keep the moisture from intruding you can protect the integrity of the chain plates. Scrape off the old, sand lightly around the plate and for the past couple of years I have been using Marine Goop as my sealant. I have found that for one year it holds and seals well even in the sun. It is relatively easy to remove and replace. Just another annual job.

The process today begins to get FRACAS ready for the yard. This involves changing all the oils and filters. Stripping all the running rigging, sails and canvas. Storing all the stuff below decks etc. etc…

Last night John from Zafu took us out to dinner. He wanted to thank me for helping with his sail removal and flaking. It was an enjoyable evening listening to his stories from his years of sailing a warm and friendly guy.

more later


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