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Over 3000 guns were found and confiscated from carry on luggage last year in the U.S. So, how many did they miss. Security at airports does not have 100% efficiency at anything but arbitrarily making you take off the most difficult shoes to put back on.

Saturday January 14th, 2017

Yesterday we walked over to the Stuart Boat Show. It is a pretty impressive show albeit for power boaters and fishermen or fisherpersons. They take a section of the road over the old Rockefeller bridge and set up tents and outdoor booths. Lots of cool $tuff. One of the boats we saw had 4 of the 350 horsepower Yamahas. You can get these motors for around $20,000 on line (not amazon), each. These are a custom color so a boat buck or two more. $80,000 just for engines.

When you don’t have the money to even dream of buying one of these things you ask the question “how much fuel does it burn”? The conservative estimate for these at normal operating rpm and load is around 13 gallons U.S. per hour. So, 52 gallons an hour or almost a gallon a minute. To put this into Canadian, 197 liters an hour. I don’t know what the current price for gas is in Ontario ( the horse faced woman has put a carbon tax on and then HST on her tax) let’s say 1.25 in Canadian pesos per liter. So $246 plus or minus Canadian pesos per hour. = $175 to go to Killarney from LC.  I have so much trouble fathoming the cost effectiveness of moving 2 or 3 people over the water at that rate but what the hey. Maxing out Fracas old tractor engine I can burn 1 gallon per hour.

I did notice and I thought it ironic that there were 2 booths that were directly about boat operating safety and about 8 boat insurance companies. One with an inflatable version of that annoying British gecko. We did find a new life ring and strobe for that and a pretty good hot dog. But not one carrot stick.

I continue to experiment and learn with my canon camera. Lately it has been night photography and we have had a pretty good moon going. Even using a tripod or mono pod the boat is still moving under us.

Now it’s time to have breakfast. Today I’m having scrambled cage free chicken eggs and toast. For the life of me I don’t notice any difference in the taste of the eggs.  All washed down with our second last bag of Kicking Horse coffee, Kick Ass today’s variety. (Available where it is sold).


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